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2015-08-06 12:31
This top is weird. I still haven't figured out exactly what it is or how to wear it. I have a couple of this type of button down shirt where the buttons lay diagonally across the torso, past… Read More
Day Dressing
2015-06-27 03:52
Continuing the thrift finds theme from the last post, here's another item I got along with the plaid skirt. It's not the most well-made thing, but again, it was less than a dollar! It's a li… Read More
2015-06-09 10:23
I've been thrifting again after being out of the game for several months. I've almost forgotten how thrift stores smell—that distinct enclosed mothball odor mixed with dust all of them… Read More
Paper Bag That
2015-06-06 13:03
Usually when summer rolls around the activity on the blog winds down to a slow trickle because it's freaking summer and I've been very vocal about how much I loathe it. In fact I think it's… Read More
Bangkok, The First For The Year
2015-02-16 03:24
I loved Thailand. I really did. For a trip I was lukewarm about I was surprised at how much I enjoyed my time there. I was already planning to go back for Songkran in April while riding at t… Read More
It's 2015
2015-01-17 07:28
Hello and Happy New Year to everyone.The photo above looks like it was taken in any random street in Manila, but I was actually standing in an alley somewhere in Bangkok where I rang in 2015… Read More
Time For Polka
2014-12-12 07:43
Skirt, Comme des Garcons AD 2009 worn with a white button up shirt for a classic CdG pairing.Oh wow, I'm wearing a print! Gotta do something new before the year ends, I suppose. Wore th… Read More
6th Floor, SDA
2014-11-14 16:28
This outfit is dedicated to awkwardness.Awkward sleeve length, awkward skirt length, awkward one length hair. Paired with my favorite ankle socks and Docs oxfords combo for max awkwardness… Read More
Sweater Weather
2014-11-08 02:18
The weather is finally turning cold as Christmas approaches and I couldn't be any more grateful though I cant believe there are only two months left for 2014. The gravity of the realization… Read More
Button Up
2014-10-13 07:56
It's been years since I last stepped foot at the SDA and while from the outside it seems like nothing has changed, it's a different story inside when I went over the weekend to see some frie… Read More

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