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Are You There?
2011-02-27 06:08
So I lied, i was supposed to continue with my updates and all but failed to do so. ....Go ahead I'll let you call me a loser, slacker, lame, fart head, dummy, rhino butt, .....ok ok thats en… Read More
2010-04-27 20:49
I think she is super cool. She screams confidence and I love her hair...I wonder if "Amina" will be like that a year from now....Anyways this is Julia Sarr-Jamois--a 22yr model turned fashio… Read More
Day 5
2010-04-27 20:28
pic via NitroliciousIt's going on Day 5 and my computer is still fighting the cyber herpes its contracted from being a whore bag. The ability to not be able to plop down on my bed and watch… Read More
Freaky Friday
2010-04-23 19:18
Today started off on the Crap Scale on level craptacular. I discovered my my first born e-baby Dell contracted cyber herpes so I can't use any programs on my computer. I feel like an unfit m… Read More
2010-04-22 20:50
Dear P,I feel as though I need to really express my real feelings on our "relationship". You come every month usually around the same time or unexpected as if we are close friends, bringing… Read More
2010-04-19 11:26
To twitter....yes yes I know, but if you can focus your beautiful eyeballs to the middle of the left screen you will find it there. And at that location I EXPECT you to join because.......1… Read More
2010-04-14 03:19
GOOOO Girl it's your one month Birthday say AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!Today April 12,2010 marks my one month hair birthday for "Amina". I'm still in awe at how much she has grown and all the wonders… Read More
2010-04-13 04:27
How I realized again that the U.S. is in a recession:Today was a good day in so many ways..1) received 2 paychecks in the mail so that means the bills are paid (on time...always..having a go… Read More

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