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Pretty Knifty Knitting
2016-10-16 22:23
Growing up I was surrounded by women who knitted.  Grandmother's to sisters, knitting was a way to provide accessories that offered warmth, comfort, and a little homemade styl… Read More
Simplicitas Formosus
2016-10-02 17:16
In the month of October, I'd like you to join me in a trip around the world.  We'll visit some Etsy Artisanistas whose creations have captured my eye.  Here, we'll e… Read More
Outside The Ordinary
2016-08-28 20:40
Prior to finding this months featured artisan, I had no idea there was a category in the art world known as "Outsider" art.  I am familiar with "Folk Art" and after having loo… Read More
8 On The 8th
2016-07-11 18:11
Help put Taylor and her family "In Front" of the 8 ball.This Friday July 8th, 2016Taylor is amazing. Anyone who knows her will describe her as being one of the sweetest, caring and most tale… Read More
An Amalgamation Imagination
2015-09-17 20:08
I would like to share with you a wonderful Etsy shop...   AngelSongArtsand the gifted artisan who designs and crafts these marvelous fused glass creations."I’m an artist who… Read More
An Autumn Anticipation
2015-09-01 21:25
With autumn just around the bend, I thot I'd share a post from past of some of my faved Etsy fall photographs .  I hope you enjoy the colorful browse..."Autumn Reflection"Byprinted*****… Read More
Run For Covers
2015-08-16 17:38
Here's a wonderful shop I came across while browsing the halls of Etsy....In Full Bloom Co.Handmade pillow covers and more.This wonderful shop is owned by Judith"I have loved sewing sin… Read More
A Gulf Coast Crafter
2015-08-14 05:40
I'd love to share with you an Artisanista whose creative works I admire and completely adore.  From her charming handmade decorative towels to the oh-so-cute plushes, her creations are… Read More

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