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2015-12-06 21:31
It is time. This little old spot in the interwebs has been so good to me over the past six years, but it's time for a new "look".This past year I've realized that I've grown out of the EcoYo… Read More
Sustainable AND Fabulous: Inner Fire
2015-11-17 23:48
Over the past several years I've slowly replaced my Lulu yoga wardrobe with more sustainable and locally made products. The only Lululemon apparel that has survived my decade of yoga practic… Read More
Keeping It Real: IVF
2015-11-12 21:46
Where have I been, dear readers? All these months I've been coping with the reality of infertility and focusing on getting through two cycles of IVF. As I sit here, in bed, recovering f… Read More
2015-02-25 00:55
Last week the Twitter-verse provided me with a reminder article on just how many germs live on my yoga mat. You may have seen it. In case you haven't: "What's living on your yoga mat?"Now. I… Read More
Two Challenges: Breakfast And Caffeine
2015-02-17 01:03
In keeping with the "living as if you're pregnant" rule suggestion I've begrudgingly (if I am to be honest) been trying to make two, albeit healthy, changes in my life.One: eat some sort of… Read More
DIY Gentle Coffee/Oats Face Exfoliant
2014-12-29 20:11
Why Hello There.I hope you all had such a fabulous Yule and holiday season! Here in the EcoYogini house the past month has been a flutter with decorating, organic tree putting up and trimmin… Read More

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