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Kimchi For Breakfast
2014-12-02 20:16
When I was younger, one of my favorite books was entitled "Ice Cream for Breakfast." It told the story of a family who did everything backwards - they walked on the ceiling instead of the fl… Read More
One Shot!
2014-12-02 20:05
The title of this post is from a trip we took to the natural rock water slides in Meeryang, where the group organizer could hit the first rock in such a way that he could slide down all the… Read More
2014-12-02 20:00
The following is an essay I wrote for an EPIK contest. I used several previous blog posts for some of the content (and the title), so parts of it may sound a bit repetitive, but I think it's… Read More
If You Move To Asia
2014-12-02 19:59
A friend of mine works with inner city youth and teaches them to use writing as an outlet for their frustrations. The following is a poem I wrote to help me laugh at the difficulties I often… Read More
The Igidae Cliffs
2014-12-02 19:46
My neighbor Sam Ssam and I decided to spend one of our last days in Busan exploring the Igidae Cliffs. Here are some pics!Amazing, these women.We explored this rocky hideaway...... and we fo… Read More
Eat Together, Pray Together, Love Together
2013-04-28 23:47
So I recently read an article about Middle Eastern airlines offering a GPS system on airlines which allows passengers to always know where they are in relation to the holy city of Mecca. The… Read More
The Hawaii Of Korea
2013-04-28 23:45
Ever since we came to Korea Kerk and I have been in the habit of calling each other "Bookend," because live in the same building and thus have the privilege to bookend our days together. For… Read More

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