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2016-10-18 09:00
We live in the age of fear. If we turn on the television we hear awful news about terrorism, heinous crimes and terrible catastrophes. If we turn on on any political discourse we hear the sa… Read More
2016-07-05 09:53
The nowadays famous article 50 of the EU Treaty didn’t exist before the 2009 Lisbon reform. The founding fathers’ vision of an ever closer union didn’t contemplate a way ba… Read More
2016-06-10 06:30
If you go to The Global Vote, you can pick an election, wherever in the world, and express your vote. For sure, I will vote on Brexit and on American presidential elections and next year fo… Read More
Einstein’s Supranational Government
2016-06-06 19:06
During World War II, just like Altiero Spinelli wrote the Ventotene Manifesto, Albert Einstein endorsed the idea of a supranational world government, which would have guaranteed global peace… Read More
2016-04-24 08:20
Ubuntu is an ancient African word and it is difficult to translate it in a language that doesn’t hold the same concept. It basically means: ‘I am what I am because of who we all… Read More

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