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2016-09-28 07:44
what is the sound of a dying bonsai tree?i wonder only because my little plant is turning browni admit i've neglected to love it as muchas i love himsothenare its mournful moanssilenced… Read More
Road Trips
2016-09-16 06:41
the stem of too familiar thingsi never found out whytrails vanishedfaster thanimaginary mother'sapple pie.we danced our waythe best he said (he tried)down roads squished by darkmenacing… Read More
In Passing
2016-09-08 18:14
My friend was actively dying, that I could see.  I suppose we all are to some extent.  Her dark skin sagged beneath the weight of it.  She'd been spending most of her time in… Read More
2016-09-01 05:01
the time comesa purging of thingsforever longweighing on me.old notes in the marginsof another lifea heavy handpulling tired cheekstowards placessince gone.there is a freedom inside and… Read More
2016-08-12 04:48
once we were upon uponlike gobbled up sandwichesthin and thickthe two of uspale and tantouching your hand accidentally on that railingit wasgood!tinglesbreathholdinggulpwooden walls&nbs&hell…Read More
Erratic Glaciers
2016-07-08 13:27
Getting here was like stripping off old paint layer by layer.  The bus ride from NYC was quiet except for two little girls, maybe sisters. White beads clicked in their braids as th… Read More
2016-06-18 05:18
these heavy boneslost in our wordsspaces betweenthought and speakdeep down a wellthey are beyondwhere light can seei cast myself a shadow longacross our nights or dayswhen time plays gameswi… Read More
Full Throttle
2016-05-19 05:04
what haven't we tried?oh mostly all.wrapped tangled tiedsquashed uncomfortable smotheredvulnerabler a wi want to belike the marathon runnergauntbreathlessgasping drencheda winner for tryingl… Read More

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