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Vienna: Day 1
2016-09-11 16:52
Easter is my favorite holiday of the year, because we have this little tradition to go on a family trip around that date. This year, we went to Vienna. I was so happy to go there, because I… Read More
2016-08-21 16:11
The last Belgian movie I've seen is called Belgica, what else :pWhen I was watching this movie, I got so hyped up to go out all night long. Because that's what the movie is about: the night… Read More
Insta-Me: February
2016-08-07 15:17
I know it's almost September, but anyhow... I still wanted to share my favorite instagrams from February:Me and my beautiful mom ♡Snapchat funNew favorite robe + nomakeupfunMy friend's… Read More
Bee Movie
2016-07-16 13:50
I never would have picked an animated movie about bees myself, but I'm so glad my friend recommend it to me! I actually learned something about bees :D Which is always a big plus. But most o… Read More
Quiz Me Quick
2016-07-04 15:50
Deze post is er ééntje voor de Vlaamse fans! Bra! (als je dit leest, West-Vlaming bent en de referentie naar Snowblow niet door had, shame on you!)...Nu en dan duikt er een par… Read More
The Book Thief
2016-07-03 15:03
It's been forever since I lost blogged. Sorry about that, but you know, life happened ;)But I'm back! Which means, a new movie recommendation!I'm obsessed with books, so when I found a movie… Read More
Por La Libre
2016-05-01 15:34
My love for Mexico also means that I'm obsessed with the Mexican movie scene. Mexico has such great actors, writers and directors... And no, I'm not talking about the telenovelas. I just lov… Read More
Instagram : January '16
2016-04-24 15:46
It has been ages since my last instagram post. But they're finally back baby!And is there a better way to start a new year than with my most liked instagram of 2015? I think not:  The 1… Read More
The New World
2016-03-20 17:10
The first time I saw Disney's Pocahontas, I fell in love with not only the character of Pocahontas, but Native American culture in general. With the years, this love shifted more to Latin Am… Read More
2016-03-19 15:30
When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with anything magic: fairies, trolls, witches... You name it, I loved it! And this love for all things magical only grew with the years. So you can o… Read More

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