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Love Objects: Activity
2009-11-24 03:55
Basically, this is to get to know the bloggers. Nicha and Tash, I want you to pick three things that define love - anything: person, object, place - but just pick three, and then justify you… Read More
Red Rose: A Cliché? Well I Loved It!
2009-11-19 10:44
You know those kind of women who are too prideful to accept cheesy things?Women like me, who hate to fall under the catagory of being easy to please. I cringe when love poems/letters, roses… Read More
Theory Of Attraction.
2009-11-01 09:58
So I hear that there are several theories out there that explain how humans are attracted to each other. Scientific reasons, pheromones, the whole 'opposites attract' idea...Well maybe it's… Read More
Love Song For No One.
2009-10-25 14:25
So today I spent the day with one of my best friends, who was freaking out about her love life.And let me tell you, she was in hysterics. She had every right to be. It was the kind that make… Read More
Men Aren't Projects.
2009-10-23 17:40
Yes, I get the good-dog bad-dog analogy.But we've got to stop thinking they can be owned or trained!The biggest disaster? Dating a guy because he's a project.I did that once. He had 'project… Read More
2009-10-23 17:38
HELP.You know what I hate to be? Clingy, possessive, and jealous. How do you not do it?I really don't get it.When will I ever let him be? I hurt him, used him, and left him. I am sure I'm no… Read More
Going All The Way?
2009-10-23 17:38
Not a good idea?No, I am not talking about first base, second base, or third base.You know that feeling when you fall completely head over heels for someone? Those uncontrollable, spastic je… Read More
Those Three Words.
2009-10-23 16:56
I think we all know what words I'm talking about.Recently, I had my heart broken. The agonizing kind. The kind that makes you wanna scream profane words and cry in the shower. I kept remindi… Read More
No More Play.
2009-10-22 10:49
Why is it, that so many relationships seem to be a balance of power?If he's overdoing it, you're the lazy one.If you're affectionate, he's suddenly busy.If she's in love, he's bored.Truth is… Read More
The Big O.
2009-10-21 13:37
Are you faking it? Either to protect your partner's ego, or you're embarrassed, or ashamed to face the fact that you have never reached an orgasm. Are we afraid our partners will reject us i… Read More

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