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2016-08-26 13:46
Lately, I thought my soul get so old :p Occasionally, I get so thoughtful anout life and live. That's not an old fashion behavior obviously! It is an growing level into a woman. As an exampl… Read More
Inside Out
2016-08-10 11:13
Hello bloggers!!Several months ago I watched "inside out" movie on fox movie premium on my TV cable channel. I just beyond impressed because the movie tells exactly about mood and behavior t… Read More
Second Wedding Of Khatam Girl #ratihnanda
2016-08-02 12:57
For second chance to see my bestfriend wedding from very first schedule, akad nikah. I am a very happy friend! Surely happy. I cant handle my excitement that day, yes I always smile! I hope… Read More
2016-07-28 04:32
HAPPY is the best medicine in the world. It might be a better thing than any others drugs and food. you should realize where you can find happiness in your life to make all of your life brig… Read More
2016-07-26 18:05
Today, I got catch by my friend conversation about life and live and hoping to live prosper in the future. Anyway, the utmost topic was about me, my life and live. She just asked me how's my… Read More
Brebes - Tegal - Slawi
2016-07-26 00:42
안녕 친구야 !!! Lately I am back to love korean. Haha, because you guys should know this country and every single thing like movie/drama or song is so refreshin… Read More
Belajar Part #1
2016-07-25 09:54
Hallo Teman-teman,Makasih banyak yang udah sering mampir ke blog ini ya, walaupun isinya kadang suka nggak jelas. hehe. Sekarang pengen cerita dengan bahasa ibu saya aja sih tentang apa yang… Read More
Ratih's Bridal Shower & Syawalan
2016-07-25 09:50
Hallooo blogger!Saya ingin mengucapkan mohon maaf lahir dan batin, post happy eid mubarak greeting :)Saya merasa sangaaat senang sekali memiliki sahabat dari jaman abege yang saling sayang d… Read More
Mba Ocha's Farewell Iftar
2016-07-18 05:08
Sahabat-sahabatkuSelama 4 tahun kurang lebih kita bersama. Tak terasa waktu yang kita lalui di dalam rumah itu selesai. Waktunya kita memulai hidup yang baru, yang lebih keras. Waktu wisuda… Read More

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