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A blog devoted to the search for my inner swan. For more facets of my journey please see the tabs.
I Have No Idea What I Weigh Currently.
2016-06-13 02:07
I *know* it is higher than my low after baby buuut the 16's still fit so YEAH!!!  I just picked up a bunch of new shirts at Target yesterday. I adore the ultimate tees collection they h… Read More
2016-04-22 01:29
Work is my personal hell.Ok not really, but I have realized that I am way, way more likely to reach for crap than if I am at home. Even I bring in leftovers I find myself wanting something s… Read More
Back To Reality
2016-04-10 20:37
Went back to work on Friday and felt so out of sorts. My job can be audited by the state to make sure that we are following the rules set by the state. Some of our locations were recently au… Read More
2016-04-06 05:25
Well I did it!I tried on a few pairs of size 16 pants and they fit! I have been wearing maternity pants still just because they were out in the open and clean. We are horrible about putting… Read More
2016-04-01 03:15
Whaaaaaaaaaa!Back to work I go in just a day or so. I am waiting on my boss lady to tell me where she needs me to go. I wanted to stay out another week or two but too many fires that my boss… Read More
2016-03-30 06:22
I am down 40-ish lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. You would think I would be shouting this from the rooftops but I am not. I am afraid. Afraid that I will blink and that it will all be righ… Read More
Total NICU Stay= 18 Days
2016-03-19 21:21
I am so happy to report that my little punkin head is OUT OF NICU JAIL!!!!!She was sprung on March 14th which was actually her scheduled due date due to me needing a third cesarean. March 17… Read More
Nicu Baby
2016-03-08 04:00
I had a whole long post typed up but blogger on my cell ate it.My Itty bitty girl was born at 36.1 weeks gestation. 7.3 lbs and 18.5 inches long. We went home for 5 days and then I took her… Read More
5 Wks Or Less Remaining
2016-02-08 19:32
Yeah no follow up to the GD post.  I have it and I am dealing with it best I can. My numbers are not where they want them to be and I am on a night time pill of Glyburide to help my fas… Read More

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