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2010-09-22 05:09
I have definitely neglected this blog, but I have a million great excuses why!Summer is coming to an end, and I am ever so grateful to welcome fall this year. My husband and I move into our… Read More
2010-08-25 23:14
I got a job!!! Wooo hooooooooo, and to top things off it actually is the job I wanted. This summer will definitely be one that I will remember because it was mostly comprised of interviews… Read More
2010-08-13 23:39
I can't believe it's August already. This summer has been pretty fun, but I'm actually looking forward to the fall. Hopefully that will mean new job, new place, and new clothes! I am lovin… Read More
2010-08-02 03:09
I'm still on the job hunt, and it actually isn't going so bad. I say it's not that bad because I am actually getting call backs and interviews. At first it seemed like my resume was just t… Read More
2010-07-16 22:43
After sending out countless resumes I finally got a call back for an interview. As excited as I am that someone finally liked what they saw on my resume, I am equally terrified for the ques… Read More
2010-07-03 04:53
Wow I just realized that the next Ca bar exam is just around the corner. I believe in my last few weeks of the home stretch I was trying not to freak out (which is hard), and trying to come… Read More
2010-06-28 16:41
On the last post I told you guys about the beer drinking contest! Well the results are in, the judgment is final and the GIRLS WON!!Quick recap: The night started with a trip to Sky Tacos… Read More
2010-06-20 15:40
Today is the day to celebrate Dads!!! I wanted to dedicate this blog to my Dad. Thank you for taking the role as our father. I could not imagine our lives with out you. Thank you for all… Read More
2010-06-17 01:35
Sorry I have been slow with the post, but I have been on my grind with the whole job hunt routine. The sad thing about California is the recession hit the state hard, so it seems that every… Read More
2010-06-01 19:19
There's no place like home. There's no place like home. I say this while I click my 3 inch ruby red stilettos. Unlike Dorthy I have to rock the heels instead of the flats. I finally made… Read More

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