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One Month In And Ive Lost.........
2010-02-22 14:54
Im a couple of weeks behind as im coming up to my 7th week on the Cambridge Diet but ill post below my pics and results after one month.Drum roll please>>>>>>> a gr… Read More
2010-01-10 13:09
I havent taken the time to write anything for a while and to be honest its because ive felt so low and had nothing nice to say. I have tried to pursuade myself to keep possitive and that a n… Read More
Snow Is Here!
2009-12-18 15:31
This was the view from my house this morning. Looks absolutly beautiful like a perfect winter wonderland. Definatly feels like christmas now.The boy thought it was great although hes no… Read More
2009-12-17 13:09
if you have been reading my blog then you probably already know I'm a little worried / verging on paranoid about the swine flu situation. I haven't been asked yet if i want my boy to have th… Read More
2009-12-16 13:14
I have to admit i was a little disappointed this morning as i dragged my self out of my nice warm bed. I rushed to the window expecting a blanket of snow but there wasnt a flake in sight.It… Read More
Families And Festivities
2009-12-14 12:59
Ive been away for a week for a so called holiday.... it wasn't a holiday, not even close to a holiday, in fact i would call it closer to a nightmare!I cant blame the family, i haven't seen t… Read More
2009-11-29 16:12
I am one of the fortunate mummy's and i am extremely grateful that every weekend i have time off from the boy to self indulge or do what ever i want. Its bliss!But this weekend i am a little… Read More
2009-11-27 12:32
This is something I've been thinking about a lot but I've still come to no conclusion weather i want my boy to have it or not.Its a really hard one and not a decision that is going to be mad… Read More
2009-11-26 10:43
I felt so awful as my little boys feet slipped from underneath him resulting in his mouth hitting the corner of the table and the blood poured out from his freshly cut teeth. "Oh my god" i s… Read More

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