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Bound Button Holes Before Bed
2012-07-16 19:31
Ok I mastered the bound button last weekend.  I know you have been wondering when or if I would get to this part of my couture jacket and skirt I have been making.  The quilting is… Read More
Beards With Long Goats
2011-09-17 03:42
Did I tell you how much I love the smell of Dove soap? Oh crap it is not Dove it is Dial.  Isn't it the same damn soap anyway?!  I should just carve a hole into my bar of soap… Read More
Walking With Jeffrey
2011-07-19 04:04
Jeffrey PUSHES me to explore new sights on Vashon Island.  It is like Va as in Valley Girl and then Shawn. Jeffrey is always in the lead and I follow. &nbs&hell…Read More
Hugo Montenegro Rocks
2011-06-16 03:22
This week just gets better and better.  I think it was Tuesday that I had somebody drive up the hill to buy a Sam Harvey bag.  I have never met this woman either.  It was a re… Read More
Channel Terry Gross
2011-05-25 06:32
Terry Gross, photo credit Will RyanHave any of you ever listened to Terry Gross on Fresh Air?  I have been listening to her for the last decade religiously.  She is part of my… Read More
2011-05-24 06:20
Tonight I took Eva and Lily my girls to PF Changs for dinner. This is a typical Monday evening for us after dance class.  As we are going through the circular glass door thing that spin… Read More
2011-04-28 05:21
Mademoiselle's team of house models in Moscow for the second Chanel show in Russia, 1967.  I am the one on the right. YOU KNOW IT!This is me hand tying the knots at the end of each… Read More
Bound Button Holes
2011-04-26 06:32
My latest project is another couture chanel skirt and jacket using this amazing tweed I picked up from MOOD Fabrics in LA.  No I am not showing the pattern.  It is so late now… Read More
Box Of Treasures
2011-04-09 02:59
A package arrived at my door this week that made me really happy.   Hey, Mom if you are reading this... the cactus you gave me is blooming.  See?  Inside t… Read More
Free Sweet Tea
2011-03-30 18:41
I'm just waiting for my tuna melt to melt you know.   Just making conversation. It's the little things like how much Easter shit can you buy this season.  I plan on going… Read More

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