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Barns, Blooms, And Birds - Week 11
2016-10-20 21:32
Continuing my barns, blooms, and birds series . . . BarnsI have another red quilt barn for you this week. These pictures were taken a few months back but I haven't had a chance to share… Read More
Barns, Blooms & Birds - Week 6
2016-10-20 12:45
The barn I have to share this week is an unusual barn but yet beautiful. Can you tell what is unusual about this barn?Here is what's unusual about this barn, you can drive through it to get… Read More
Barns, Blooms And Birds - Wk 7
2016-10-20 12:44
I'm continuing my series on barns, blooms, & birds.Today I'm featuring another local tobacco barn around the Murray, KY, area. Take a look:The barns hosts another beautiful quilt pattern… Read More
Barns, Birds And Bloom - Wk 8
2016-10-20 12:43
Here's another week of barns, birds, and blooms for you to enjoy.The featured barn, this time, is a metal barn with lots of rust. It looks like most of the pieces of metal are original… Read More
Barns, Blooms, And Birds - Wk 9
2016-10-20 12:33
Continuing my series . . . Barns . . . Wow, do I have a tobacco barn for you this week. My husband and I were driving around Calloway County in Kentucky looking for a specific addr… Read More
Witching You A Very Haunted Halloween
2016-10-16 23:13
We are just about ready for Halloween and are hosting a small Halloween party for our grandsons. Witch sisters: Trixie, Dixie and Peach are ready for some fun.A small candle in a rustic meta… Read More
Barns, Blooms, And Birds - Wk 10
2016-10-16 13:33
I'm bringing you another post in my barns, blooms, and birds series. I was just about out of barn pics to share with you but my husband and I drove around some county roads in our Ranger ove… Read More
Autumn Table - Summer Is Slipping Away
2016-09-28 22:26
Although the calendar says it's fall, we are still having very warm days. My husband said he read that today may be our last of these hot days. Even though it is warm, we are enjoying o… Read More
Help Me Identify This Bird
2016-09-24 04:51
Friends, I need some help identifying this bird. He was in the birch trees by my deck where my feeders are handing but he did not come to any of the feeders. He was just flitting around on t… Read More
Biltmore Breakfast Room
2016-09-22 14:53
When I visited the Biltmore House, the Breakfast Room was one of my favorite rooms.The lighting was not good so my images aren't the best. I read there are three generations of china an… Read More

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