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Olga's Garden
2014-09-20 18:00
Since Olga began her garden as few pots of herbs and tomatoes on her kitchen porch, I've been chronicling its growth here on Concrete Magnolia.  Follow her journey's beginning with a po… Read More
Nutmeg & Tea With My Father
2012-08-08 21:40
When I was living with my parents my father would make me tea in the morning.  He’d ask if I would like nutmeg in it the way he took his. I’d always say yes an… Read More
A Taste Of Jamaica
2012-08-08 21:21
Descriptions from right to left I'm just in from a week spent on the island of Jamaica visiting some of my family. Every trips results in some version of a culinary awakening. This year… Read More
Breakfast Sandwiches
2012-06-30 13:54
Breakfast Sandwiches, two ways. Because this girl, and her chronic lack of decisiveness can never choose just one. Both sandwiches begin with a fried egg. I added slices of a granny smi… Read More
Apricots & Chocolate
2012-06-17 01:35
I really like to eat them together. Alternating between a nibble of dark chocolate and a bite of apricot. This little performance can go on for hours. Nibble, bite, nibble, bite Read More
Strawberry Basil Ice Cream
2012-06-14 12:20
Strawberry picking at Verril Farms this past weekend lead to ice cream making. The fruits of our labor  is Strawberry Basil Ice Cream, a treat that captures the essence of sun-ripe… Read More
Strawberry Season
2012-06-13 17:26
It's barely even June and I've already exhausted myself with the number of strawberries I've been eating.  It's been said that they came earlier this year thanks to all those 80 degree… Read More
Radish Carpaccio
2012-06-13 17:00
Here's to the radish, the jewel-toned gems we find buried in the dirt. Here's to their unassuming peppery bite, their translucent crisp flesh, their pungent smell and bushy green leaves. Pic… Read More
Farro & Cherries
2012-06-07 22:30
It seems I'm becoming obsessed with fruit as it comes into season falling from the trees and vines, hopefully on its own accord. First it was strawberries, which I can't say I'm completely o… Read More
2012-05-03 03:13
My favorite sort of flowers are the wild ones, especially those grown in places where you least expect them. A drive back from the North Shore of Boston to help deliver a wedding cake turned… Read More

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