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Wendy And Mike
2012-12-17 14:33
Wendy and Mike were married this past weekend in Pocantico Hills NY. What a way to end the last wedding of the year, a year of awesome weddings, than for me than to photograph someone whom I… Read More
Head Games Party
2012-12-13 23:36
Had a blast last night at Head Games for their 12.12.12 party! To see more photos check out my facebook page here Read More
First Impressions
2012-09-25 17:52
I love this photo. It is that look I first get when meeting a child at a photo shoot. It says so much.It says, I am not sure I trust you but I think we can have fun together. Maybe I might l… Read More
Bride Portraits, Candid And Camera Aware
2012-08-23 16:41
It is amazing the gamut of images I can get from a bride. I like how quickly Megan's face changed in the car, from the I am hot and thirsty back here in theback seat Sharyn, to pure hap… Read More
Nighttime Portraits
2012-08-22 00:58
I wish I could take pictures like this for the people who hire me to photograph their kids. A colabarative effort for images, not knowing exactly the outcome. The surprise is the magic. And… Read More
Karen And Ray, A Quaker Wedding
2012-08-09 03:39
Karen and Ray. A wedding that has been slowly, patiently waiting to happen. I photographed Karen's younger son a few years ago, and now had the opportunity to photograph hers. How awesome is… Read More

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