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2014-06-04 00:04
So I'm in a Naval lecture, and have been for the last 40 minutes or so. And the guy two seets away from me has the sniffles.I'm not talking occasional innocuous sniffs, which a good proporti… Read More
2014-05-30 06:08
So on a whim, I downloaded the blogger app.So now I can blog from my phone.Wow. Such internet. Very androids. Wow.Stay tuned, my darlings :) Read More
2013-05-18 11:31
I get the fact that this is a day late; don’t judge me, I’ve been busy.The drinking game I’m working with is the same as last year’s:Whenever the costume overwhelms… Read More
2012-10-10 11:00
I recently had an appointment with a dietician, who informed me that I wasn't eating enough protein. this came as a bit of a shock, considering the fact that I had eschewed carbohydrates to… Read More
Engineering, And Other Masculine Pursuits
2012-07-19 06:18
So today was my fourth day of engineering.I started off with a maths lecture (Calculus 1100 - 1200, Algebra 1200 - 1300), after which I had an hour before Engineering Design and Innovation (… Read More
Looking Around The Sitting Room.
2011-09-25 11:25
Speedy disclaimer - you may have to physically click on the photos in order to view them.There's a little nook between the window and the door, next to one of the sofas. In that nook, there'… Read More

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