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2015-06-01 22:28
Risk is too much maligned in western culture these days and that has begun to seriously piss me off. It wasn’t always so. The west, the US in particular, used to be a place where riskt… Read More
2015-06-01 14:58
I remember once receiving an invitation to a small project from the owner of a well-known and successful digital products company (whose products most web designers and small agencies use to… Read More
2015-05-13 20:20
Last week, the L.A. Times published an op-ed by Bearing Arms editor, Bob Owens, wherein he hung the litany of plain human irresponsibility and resultant failings squarely around the neck of… Read More
2013-12-16 15:13
So called “assault weapons” are used in less than 2% of gun crimes in the US. This meaningless term is needlessly deceptive. All weapons are assault weapons and all are defense… Read More
2013-12-15 21:58
This was to be my first contribution to The Pastry Box Project, before I was then dis-invited and banned for my divergent, non-liberal views. Yay, “diversity”… Read More
2013-08-17 16:20
You’d be surprised just how many folks disagree with this fact, but women have no more objective merit than men. Nor do men have any more objective merit than women. Likewise, members… Read More
2013-07-24 14:22
Obamacare is forcing skilled and principled physicians out of practice. Those who refuse to work as thralls of the State are retiring rather than work in a manner they know to be dangerous f… Read More

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Andy Rutledge :: Design Professional :: Competitive Shooter :: Capitalist


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