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2011-05-14 08:25
I am so happy! It's safe to say that Thursday was the worst day of the year so far, and I can only think that things are going up up up from there. It's finally summer and I'm home with my f… Read More
Honey, I Found A Reason To Keep Living
2011-02-15 05:59
and you know the reason? dear, it's you.this valentines day has been good to me. not the best it could be as i'm not with frank right now but, i still kept a smile on my face. i love my fami… Read More
Positive Side.
2011-02-10 06:48
blogging helps me to realize the positive side to my days and good things i have going for me. so hopefully i can begin to post more often! thankfully, i'm starting to find more and more ins… Read More
2010-12-22 17:21
i LOVE christmas more than anything. i could be an elf.1) check out this lovely way to wrap gifts! i'm definitely going to be using that diy.i mean how cute is that?! PLUS christmas fabric i… Read More
2010-10-11 05:56
recently (in pictures):lcd soundsystem @ aclthe strokes @ aclmonika and i @ aclthe dollhousebffyaaaaaaalexxxx!! and hey cupcakeda bearsatxmy room! but it looks even better now:)dimples cupca… Read More
You Only Live Once
2010-10-05 02:31
1) I love this tea set! Obviously, I would buy the panda set! 2) I am always posting prints that I want to buy...yet I still have none on my walls.All from Urban Outfitters Print S… Read More
Litto Bitty Favor
2010-08-22 15:20
here's the story:i just moved in to my first apartment ever! and i am sooo happy with the way my room turned out! i will post pictures soon enoughbut i have a favormy wall is completely bare… Read More
Quick Question!!!!
2010-08-14 01:12
does anyone know how to make something similar to this:or does anyone know of anywhere selling something similar to it?i fell in love with this pillow but didn't buy it right away and it sol… Read More

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