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Future Of Fashion Show
2014-05-08 14:14
Hello my lovely followers this week is all about the future of Fashion show. As you all know already (from my countless times repeating it) the show was May 1st 2014. I was lucky enough to s… Read More
The Future Of Fashion Is Here!
2014-05-01 13:36
Today is the day many of the Seniors have been patiently waiting for (as well as working their butts off for!) The Future of Fashion show will be today, one show at 4pm and the other at 7pm… Read More
2014-04-25 17:35
Hello fashion lovers! Today’s post will be short sweet and to the point. Yesterday April 24th, was the Future of Fashion shows model fit session. The list of time slots of each student… Read More
Final Judgement !
2014-04-24 22:14
Hello all! First of all I would like to apologize for being M.I.A for the past 2 weeks. It has been so crazy and hectic these past couple of weeks. Last blog I had mentioned that pre judging… Read More
Judgement Day…Part 2
2014-04-24 03:15
I want to start off this post by apologizing for not posting in a while…This guy has been hogging my computer! Also, last week was our spring break…and after the crazy stress o… Read More
2014-04-23 00:52
And sadly, I just found out that I did not get any of my looks into the show. It was a very disappointing moment but at least I know that I am in a group of very talented people who also did… Read More
Ready For Judging
2014-04-21 22:00
Happy Monday, everyone! I would like to share with you the pictures of the accessories I made for my garments during the break. I made two little hats to go with the two looks. Hat with that… Read More
2014-04-21 06:07
It has been spring break. I cannot believe how fast it has come to the end.  For fashion design students, spring break is usually not a time for fun and relaxation but still-working-cra… Read More
Judgement Day…Part 1
2014-04-10 03:26
Today our collections were due for “Pre-Judging”  This basically means that as long as we finished our garments and they were Fashion Show worthy, they get to move forward t… Read More
Critic Judging Day
2014-04-09 03:59
It has been a tough few weeks – working as hard as ever. I have never had such little sleep! Those ruffles really became my life for a while. The finishing of the garments was very tim… Read More

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