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Long Over-due Update
2014-04-27 05:47
It's been months. Months and months. I have been intending some sort of update for a long time but so much has been happening it's hard to make a start. Let's just bullet-point this.I moved… Read More
Homeward Bound
2013-05-28 01:04
Hey guys I am moving cities in just over a month, so need to close my etsy shop so i can get prepared and pack and organise my life. It’ll be open for one more week and u… Read More
New Postcards & New Happenings
2013-04-14 01:15
Things have been a bit manic the last month, I took two weeks off to visit my family, which involved minimal internet use (my own decision) and then since I've been back I've been catching u… Read More
Sketchbook.. Friday?
2013-02-22 23:32
I don't care what day it is, here's some drawings.I've started work on some larger pencil drawings and have been really enjoying it.. i forget sometimes that things don't have to be painted… Read More
New Zine
2013-02-20 23:32
I actually finished this some months ago, in time for Wellington zinefest. But here it is finally photographed and for sale.You can buy it here… Read More
2013-01-23 22:59
I made this little time-lapse of me drawing because I really like watching other people drawing. It was longer but I just made it on my little phone which decided to go to sleep and cut off… Read More
Sketchbook Sunday (at Last!)
2013-01-15 01:10
My excuse for not blogging is that it's been the Holidays. Actually i only got a few days off but, you know, laziness is in the air. I got to spend Christmas with my family in Dunedin but I… Read More
Sketchbook Sunday
2012-12-15 23:24
It's been a pretty good drawing week, probably because i'm so busy and have actual work i should be doing. I'm off to Dunedin to visit my parents next week, which i am so happy about. Feelin… Read More
Time Away
2012-12-04 21:36
I just got back from a nice visit to Auckland. I've come back a bit more clear headed so I've actually been managing to draw again. My lovely friend Evie let me stay with her and her nice bo… Read More

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