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Based in Los Angeles, Eat Naked is a nutrition, health and wellness company offering practical, affordable and fun ways to get and stay healthy.
30-minute Perfect Roast Chicken
2016-10-20 23:13
Last year we added a new toy to our kitchen toolkit which has transformed the way we cook. Maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s the Instantpot. Part slow-cooker, part pressure cooker… Read More
Secret Ingredient Popcorn – New Video!
2016-10-10 16:32
Here’s Chef James with the fabulous Sia showing us how to make a super fun after-school snack: secret ingredient popcorn. Can you guess what the secret ingredient is? Yield: makes fou… Read More
The HCl Factor: The Lead Digestive Domino
2016-10-07 15:55
Important disclaimer: I am not a doctor and the information presented here is for your information only, not for the purposes of diagnosing, treating, or curing any ailment. It is your respo… Read More
Your Formula For Lunch, Simplified.
2016-09-22 16:04
What’s for lunch? I loathe that question. It’s a simple enough idea – what to eat for the noontime meal – but it can inspire panic, especially if I haven’t plan… Read More
7 Unlikely Ways To Improve Your Sleep
2016-09-15 22:53
It’s 2:30am. I’ve just been up with the baby, and now I’m wide awake and can’t get back to sleep. I’m huddled in the living room with a flashlight reading Arian… Read More
The 7 Best And Worst Ways To Start Your Day
2016-08-10 15:48
Picture this: You wake up to the smell of fresh gluten-free biscuits baking in the oven downstairs and the soft rustle of your daughter reading in her room next door. You take a moment to li… Read More
Moms: Why Positive Body Image Is A Must
2016-08-02 17:31
I am so thrilled to have Elizabeth Walling as our guest blogger this week. I’ve been following Elizabeth for years over at her wonderful blog, The Nourished Life, and am a huge fan. He… Read More
Why Prevention Doesn’t Work
2016-07-26 17:47
It was a busy Monday morning. My to-do list was miles long and I was cruising my way through it. I hopped on a website looking for test results for a client and happened upon some of my own… Read More
What’s Your Poo Telling You?
2016-07-14 16:14
Are you a fast mover? Or do you hold things in? Or maybe you’ve done your work and now you go with the flow – smooth and easy. Am I talking about your personality or your poo? Bo… Read More

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Eat Naked Now + Margaret Floyd, NTP + Nutrition + Wellness + Los Angeles


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