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Autumn Is Here
2016-10-05 10:07
Next to spring (봄 – bom yes that same name of 2NE1 lead vocal), autumn is my next favorite season in Korea.  Autumn is 가울 (gaeul) in Korean and if you have wa… Read More
The Charm Of Spring
2016-04-13 10:02
It has been my fourth spring in Korea and I am still loving it.  I am mesmerized by the beauty of cherry blossoms and the cool weather that goes along with the surroundings. Just like h… Read More
2015-08-16 12:12
Having to point something or describe location of something is very basic in any language. When a child is learning to speak, adults would tend to say short phrases complemented with gesture… Read More
2015-03-07 04:57
Yey! Posting my spring plans in a while.  Finally the dates are clear last week of March until mid April is a good period to look into.  Stay tuned… Read More
Cherry Blossoms 2015
2015-01-13 06:01
Are you planning on a trip to South Korea this Spring? It was almost a year after my last visit and it still feels like yesterday.  Last 2014 I was in South Korea in the month of April… Read More
11.11 Pepero Day
2014-11-11 09:45
Today is 빼빼로데이 (Pepero Day) in Korea.  While most in the world is probably celebrating Valentine on February 14, this day became a day to give this sw… Read More
Fall In Love With Fall
2014-11-01 05:15
Late October and Early November is the best time to experience Autumn in South Korea. Next to spring, autumn is my favorite season to be in South Korea.  This is when the leaves turn re… Read More
Expressing Mild Surprise
2014-08-03 12:22
I am back to reading my Continuing Korean book.  I have been so curious about the -네요 (-neyo) verb ending for the longest time.  I asked about this before from a form… Read More

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Daily Dose of Hangul (한글) | blogging my passion to learn Korean (한국어) and Hangul (한글)


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