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Hiatus (but Not For Too Long, Really)
2011-05-27 01:13
This has happened to me before. For no particular reason I've just lost my Crafty oomph. There hasn't been a lack of cooking and baking in our house, I just find that right now I've lost a l… Read More
Beet Cashew Dip
2011-05-19 10:30
I got a Cuisinart for my birthday. Not the little one- cupper that requires 4 chop+repeats to process an onion either. I got the 11-cup model and I worship it. I’ve watched as it effor… Read More
Lentil Quinoa Curry
2011-05-11 12:05
It was my birthday last Saturday. I'd been dreading it for months because unfortunately I turned 35 - which in my book is officially old. I don't feel 35; I'm not sure I even look it. But it… Read More
Chocolate Buckwheat Pancakes
2011-05-08 10:45
There’s this Simpson’s episode where Bart says to Marge – “Mom, can I have ice cream for breakfast?” and Marge says “Absolutely not! You’re going to… Read More
Mushroom Udon Noodles
2011-05-02 22:57
I've never been in Australia during the April/May months, which is Autumn here, and keep reminding myself that things are sprouting and greening and defrosting back home. The Midwest extreme… Read More
Seeded Lavash Chips
2011-04-27 12:07
Lately I've been taking a stand on purchasing hummus. Week after week I buy it at the store and vow to quit it because it's overpriced and never as good as I know it can be and when I look a… Read More
Raspberry Bittersweet Friands
2011-04-24 04:00
Since moving to Australia I've been eyeing up all the desserts here which tend towards the small, individual, pretty kind. There are tiny tarts, coconut covered lamington squares and a varie… Read More
Roasted Pepper Salad
2011-04-17 01:26
We made an Italian-style feast the other day that consisted of some ultra-rich macaroni and cheese, green beans in a tomato/Parmesan sauce, and this salad. I thought that we needed something… Read More
Hazelnut Honey
2011-04-10 12:59
A couple months ago, M and I went on a wine tour of the Swan Valley which is about an hour drive Northeast of where we live. I had never been on a proper day long tour before of any wine reg… Read More
Brazilian Shrimp Stew
2011-04-07 01:13
There is this very lovely small grocer in Fremantle, Australia called Kakulas Sister where shoppers need to squeeze through aisles that are stacked high with almost any international food th… Read More

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