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2010-07-06 10:25
The weather was still nice over London! Unlike in Cologne, where everythings just damp and humid and warm... The weather forecaster told me something different!But nevermind, Im happy t… Read More
2010-07-04 21:55
I quite often get some people asking for my portfolio that I applied to uni with so I thought instead of sending them out I might as well upload them on here to make it easier.The portfolio… Read More
2010-06-25 23:03
Its been a while since I was last here I must admit. Looking at the past month I havent really done a lot but I was still always busy somehow.At the beginning of the month I went back to Cov… Read More
2010-05-29 19:00
I need to stop playing with the Mac Photobooth.Its so lame but fun at the same time ahahaUhh and my tunnel is back! Ive missed it Read More
2010-05-29 18:47
Just put some things on ebay maybe have a look: keep buying too many things on there… Read More
2010-05-28 18:11
Maybe not a thousand... but there will be around 500-600 on there even though it doesnt look that much. But it wasnt too bad I was watching Supernatural to keep me entertained while bea… Read More
2010-05-26 17:57
Still looking a bit rough but Im getting there:First crystals are on theeeeereeee!#Things Ive learned today:- Never superglue crystals without wearing gloves or using tweezers- The things yo… Read More
2010-05-26 12:25
Well we had a problem, hopefully. After my sewing machine broke yesterday I was torn between feeling upset, angry and suicidal. I managed to get it to work again today and Im prayi… Read More
2010-05-19 00:34
My last project is handed in and im finally free for the summer now! Just feel like such a big relief and Ive got enough time to start sewing again. I remember there being so many things on… Read More

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