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Switching From Blogger To Wordpress
2016-05-27 14:50
So as you can see from the title, im moving over to wordpress i find it has more options than blogger, i love blogger but im trying to get better and that way is to move on to a new site, BU… Read More
Mylittlebox - May (Dolce Vita Box)
2016-05-21 19:35
The box the content comes in, how cute is this! This little sticker was stuck on the brown box, i think it adds to the cute touch!When you open the box up it comes all nice and neat wit… Read More
MyLittleBox - April (Flowerbox)
2016-05-10 19:28
This is the box, it looks more like a book how sweetThe little magazine you get in the boxes The cards you get to tell you how much everything is In my box i got a lotion, a shower… Read More
50 Facts About Me
2016-05-05 21:27
1. I'm Vegetarian2. I've always had a pet my whole 26 years 3. I have asthma 4. I wear glasses but hate it5. I love rain! 6. When annoyed my knee muscles tense up (weird eh?)7… Read More
Reverse Bucket List Updated!
2016-04-23 16:06
Do your own and tag me so i can also see yours! 1. Getting a chihuahua 2. Being in love 3. Setting up a blog 4. Gaining followers 5. Learning to bake6. Getting a yor… Read More
The Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag
2016-04-16 11:56
Questions- 1. What is the most important quality you look for?There are a few but the main one i think has to be respect2. What quality is a turn off? Girlfriend - Slagging off oth… Read More
2016-04-07 20:29
Khai by petsfriend featuring a green vest Read More
Period Survival Kit
2016-04-07 20:29
Period Survival Kit by petsfriend featuring coffee mugsSo if your a girl and you have hit that stage in life you know its a complete night mare! so heres a few ideas to put in a kit for your… Read More

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