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The occasional mis-spelt, mis-directed and mis-understood ramblings of a forty-something trapped inside a twenty-something's body.
2010-02-15 00:02
I cried OK. I never thought it would happen to me. Sure, I'd heard stories about it but I just thought "Dude, man up a bit, OK. Jeez". But the moment my first child was born, the moment that… Read More
2010-02-07 22:56
This evening I spent an hour looking through old footage that I've taken on my camcorder. There's a variety of stuff from holiday videos, videos of my three dogs running around doing crazy s… Read More
2010-02-05 22:38
Around me there are walls. Invisible walls. Metaphorical walls. And a ceiling.When I was a child the walls were there but I never noticed and I didn’t care to look anyway, why would I… Read More
2010-02-03 22:34
So here’s the thing. I feel as though I’ve scratched the surface of train travel and I’ve decided that I’m not going to go any further into that for now. The problem… Read More
2010-01-28 22:16
I'm leaving Waterloo station at 08:39 to complete the final 50 minutes of my 3-stage daily commute to work. I’m running something like 45 minutes late due to signalling problems on leg… Read More
2010-01-25 22:47
At first I thought that perhaps it was just me, I had after all not long turned 21 when I took my first contracting role in 2006 and had left behind the comfort of a permanent job with a reg… Read More
2010-01-25 00:52
Oh Christ, what have I done. It's taken me ten minutes just to work out what font I want. I mean what font best represents me? What you see here makes a statement about who I am. Aaargh.Aria… Read More

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