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.ima A Diva
2010-06-06 14:15
my friend gave me a very belated birthday present yesterday, a $40 giftcard to was quit sentimental actually, she knows how much i love going in there and trying on all the pretty ri… Read More
.native American
2010-05-28 04:09
has anyone else noticed the new american indian trend going on?i'm digging it!Bambi for Grazia magazine May 2010 ^Buy them here Read More
2010-05-27 11:21
"Death ends a life, not a relationship."i miss you already Read More
.birthday Girl!
2010-05-26 11:53
it's my birthday today!had the most stressful/fucked/dissapointing/suprising/fun day! :Di feel like i'm gonna EXPLODEEEE with emotions!FUCKKKKKK.okay i'm good now; not really, but like, seri… Read More
2010-05-26 11:53
2010-05-26 11:52
My aspiring photographer-friend was doing a photo shoot, and i meerly came along to offer some creative advice/assist/judge and became the subject of one of her pictures!A girl was also ther… Read More
.birthday Dinner
2010-05-19 08:15
late post but meh.had it at this madd restaurant in parramatta, saharas. food was INSANE. and i got the sickest cocktail it was called the Ah Istanbul.pretty much is was pineapple juice, app… Read More
.multi Racial Models
2010-05-13 07:47
multi racial models are often the most beautifu its as if they are genetically blessed with the best from each race. my favourites are:Samantha HarrisAboriginal and Danish ancestryPaula Kawa… Read More
.new Things
2010-05-09 09:48
*if anyone was wondering easter show was shit.anywaaaay, it's been a while but i've been busy.i've got some new pretty things i felt are worthy of posting.GOT SOME NEW RINGZ! finally! Read More
.going Easter Show Today!
2010-04-14 02:19
i'm pretty excited, i hope it's good.but today's the last today so theres gonna be no good shit yet :/im hoping for madd sales but thatd be nicee! Read More

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