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Visiting Cemeteries In Disguise
2016-10-21 14:17
Last night, Robb, Maddy and I took the boy to Living History Farms in Des Moines.  It's an AWESOME place and you should go some time.  It's named aptly.  When you go into the… Read More
Not A Big Enough Fridge
2016-10-20 13:34
So Leon and I went to the Dollar Tree last night and picked up some crafty things.The one time use full body finger paints...It's a Pokemon.Well, there is still plenty of yellow left, but th… Read More
The Power I Hold
2016-10-19 13:51
A few of us went to Meri's school vocal concert last night.  It was relatively short compared to the combined, vocal/band concerts.  Those can last all night... And Leon was with u… Read More
Aca Pressure
2016-10-18 13:58
My high school daughter has come up with her own acapella group at the school.  For the last few weeks, she and another kid held auditions that would rival any "Pitch Perfect" tryout se… Read More
Sitting Bull And Other Random Things
2016-10-17 14:19
Wow... Only half way through the month of October and I think I've added 500 photos to my computer.  A lot to photograph and videotape this month!On Friday night, Robb, Meri and I took… Read More
Randomly Pumpkin-ized
2016-10-14 13:03
Feelin' kind of here today.  My feet hurt, I'm wearing too warm a sweater (think I'll change) and the 2nd order of lace from JoAnns just got cancelled again...  WHHHYYYYY!!!???I'm… Read More
Flying High With Duct Tape
2016-10-13 13:47
So after Maddy left this weekend, Leon found this....And Robb and Meri dug into the balloons from the 50/50 party.  I only let them use a couple...And that was NOT Happy Birthday...Just… Read More
Nights In Blue Satin
2016-10-12 13:16
Do you see the angle on this panel?  Imagine it times 8.  I've got all the panels cut out now and I had a half yard to spare!  Whew!  And I only cut through our bedspread… Read More
Maddypalooza Hanging Out
2016-10-11 14:31
 Is this the most adorable bag you've ever seen?!  I'm going to have to make one now...  Modeled by a niece.  That's German Army boyfriend to the left.For the final day o… Read More
22/50/50 And German Armies
2016-10-10 14:04
Maddy made it home Friday early evening and we enjoyed a great birthday dinner of homemade pizza with her.  We overestimated how many pizzas to make and we probably still have a ton in… Read More

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