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Preschool Days
2016-05-15 05:29
We're wrapping up our third and final year at our little co-op preschool and it's been such an amazing place for both girls!  They are now in the same class, so when I get to parent tea… Read More
Recharge At The Coast
2016-05-15 03:26
I'm at the coast for a couple of days of quiet.  Life has been so busy lately and so stressful.  Lots of bright spots sprinkled in too, but it was definitely time to be in my own q… Read More
5 And 3
2016-05-15 03:12
They are getting so big!  Sophie and Anya are happy sisters, dancing, hanging out with their legos and their dressup, at preschool, with their parents and aunties and other loved ones… Read More
Home Again
2015-03-29 22:12
I made it back home after my wander through Cannon Beach and my loooong meander home via Manzanita, Tillamook, Forest Grove, and a wave to my favorite farm.  It was the perfect weekend… Read More
2015-03-26 04:05
I feel sometimes like I'm spinning in circles through my house.  On a walk to the living room to get my phone, I turn to pick up a toy that's sitting in the path and while putting it aw… Read More
Sister Friends
2015-03-26 03:47
I deeply desire that my little ones be friends.  We have standards for their conduct and their discourse, but nothing will force them to enjoy each other's company or love each oth… Read More
2015-03-26 03:39
My birthday was earlier this month!  I'm 32 and it's been a very interesting year so far.  I really loved my teens (though I was a little dreamy and detached from a realistic futur… Read More
We Had A Good Day
2015-01-19 03:54
Bedtimes have been sweet around here lately.  Both girls are now on a great routine of brushing teeth, reading a few books, singing some songs, last drink of the night, and snuggling in… Read More
Plan, Plan, Do
2015-01-11 21:37
I have several goals or focuses right now and I feel like I'm ready to jump back into good plans and lists.  I just spent an extended weekend visiting a friend from college and I feel e… Read More
A Restless Spring
2014-04-23 22:15
Spring is here!  I am not prepared at all for the Spring that I was planning to have.  Just when I was starting to feel a little more on top of having two kids, and little miss A s… Read More

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