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Working In July
2013-07-25 18:13
Life just seems to have gotten away from us. So much going on at work. It's crazy how much stress can drain you.Work in July in Sweden is both super quiet and super stressful. I usually like… Read More
Had A Lot On My Mind
2013-07-17 06:55
Been a bit busy lately. Preoccupied with the nice weather, family visits and sad thoughts. If you get the quote you know what I mean. If you don't get it, keep on moving on. Happy times are… Read More
The Start Of Something BIG
2013-07-04 06:22
Tilda turned 6 on Monday. SIX. Yeah, that went fast. But, here we are and it's a bit scary! This seems like the age when "it all starts happening". The years leading up to this... were all a… Read More
2013-06-26 21:44
I love going to the country because its empty. Our house there is so pure and I don't feel a need to fill it with stuff. I don't want to open any boxes there or bring any drama or chaos or s… Read More
Start Of Summer
2013-06-18 19:17
Summer at our house starts with school winding down for the kids, goodbye parties and Quincy's birthday on the 15th of June. Summer is officially in full swing when Tilda's birthday comes ar… Read More
Sarah In Stockholm
2013-06-10 20:10
Jumping for Joy: when she said she was coming... I asked if she'd already bought a ticket. "Not yet" she answered. Yep... ok she's not a coming. It's a nice idea but Los Angeles, California… Read More
Soon To Be...
2013-06-06 07:17
Soon he'll be four and she'll be six. I find this crazy. Time goes by so quickly! I am so thankful for these little ones. Such good kids. Sometimes I feel like we must be good parents, other… Read More
Summer With A Summer House
2013-06-06 07:16
Summer with a summer house is grand! Seriously it's so nice to just chill. Little projects here and there... I'm totally in love with this house we bought. Everything is blooming and everyth… Read More

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