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The Past Is A Grotesque Animal
2011-08-09 03:16
Th. wrote about how we alter our memory solely by talking about what we remember or by taking pictures because those pictures might override your actual memories in the end. I didn't really… Read More
All Along The Rathausturm
2011-03-30 12:40
it's funny how easy it is to recognise simon & garfunkel songs from the first string picks. it's a curse how I'll never get over my nutella addiction. it's ridiculous how many pictures I… Read More
2011-03-23 19:40
So we came back from Montréal on Sunday night, this time by bus with an interesting stop in Albany and another stop just shortly after leaving Albany because the driver longed for fas… Read More
2011-03-17 07:53
A short update from my first ever trip to North America. Flying was endurable, the food was something between ok and awful, I sat next to Darwin Deez if anyone knows him (I only know him bec… Read More
2011-03-07 00:57
summary of a perfect day that happened in February 20111. day off work2. staying in bed with my best friend for hours3. meeting new people at a gallery where we don't pay much attention to t… Read More
2011-03-07 00:20
full of abandoned houses and up-lifting graffitis. If I'm able to get rid of this stupid computer virus before 2 I'll get up early enough to take pictures of Leipzig before going to lunch at… Read More
2011-03-03 11:38
When I fell asleep on my friend's bed on Tuesday afternoon I dreamt I was going fishing with her & another friend on a small lake that resembled Weißer See and when a huge fish swa… Read More
Meta Schmeta
2011-03-03 11:11
Ok so 10th post on how I'm going to keep this blog and why.Why?: In one minute I can type much more in my computer than I can write in my diary. How?: Might update this thing with pictures f… Read More
Mind Drips
2011-01-30 23:29
I'm considering making one of those year end lists because putting together your favourite songs from a particular period of time can definitely help storing important memories. Most of the… Read More
2011-01-04 19:35
chewing on the left-over sweets from christmas writing new year's resolutions in my notebook I thought why not include my blog in this. yes, it's embarassing but isn't my social behaviour so… Read More

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