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Kosher? Oh, Sure!
2016-01-18 06:44
A few years back, Cheese, M.D. and I were invited to a Memorial Day barbecue at a friend’s parent’s home in Hoity Toity-ville, Maryland. The invitation boasted a backyard pool, a… Read More
Oversharin’ Sharon
2015-12-29 07:41
There is one good thing about living in a condominium complex where senior citizens occupy super majority status. It is not their hyper-vigilant attention to the condominium rulebook. It is… Read More
Sister Shortbread
2015-12-17 22:51
When you are going through childhood, you assume your reality is everyone’s reality. Moms erect gingerbread houses with soup cans at Christmas time so you can load the roof up with ici… Read More
Cheese, M.D.
2015-11-20 23:29
Shonda Rhimes and Meredith Grey preached eternal wisdom when they coined the phrase: “She’s my person.” This concept resonates with everyone, whether or not you have been… Read More
Now We’re Cookin’ With Butter!
2015-11-10 06:22
There are a lot of things a little lamb from the Midwest learns when she moves to the big city. Not THE big city. The one where little girls dream of becoming some combination of Carrie Brad… Read More
So There I Was…
2015-11-07 00:42
The day I realized that my lunch box was bigger than my purse. And, I regret to admit that it was not only bigger, but also heavier than my purse. If you must know, I was carrying a standard… Read More

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My Lunchbox is Bigger Than My Purse. – Because that actually happened.


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