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Hanging Artwork Tips
2012-05-07 16:48
All too often, I see artwork in homes that is hung too high. For spaces with 8' ceilings height, it is best to hang art, photos, or mirrors so that the top of the frame is at 72-76… Read More
Why I Love My Wood Cookstove
2012-03-01 18:20
Here is my vintage wood cookstove. On a snowy day, as it is the day I write this post, I work from home and I get the woodstove going. My woodstove is a cookstove. It is an amazing hun… Read More
Board Mounted Valance Ideas
2012-01-17 14:14
Board mounted valances mean that the fabric treatment is attached to a board. Thus eliminating the need for decorative hardware. This can be a visually simpler and usually lower cost. Design… Read More
Creating A New Color Scheme
2012-01-02 14:57
Where to start when starting a new room from scratch? Start with fabrics. A color scheme can be as simple as asking yourself what colors you like. Once you do that, you narrow your options… Read More
No White Ceilings!
2012-01-02 14:43
There is NO rule that a ceiling should be white. Ceilings should and need to be treated as the 5th “wall” of a space. The only time when a white ceiling makes sense if t… Read More
Design To Stay?
2011-12-31 13:48
People typically procrastinate fixing the little things (sometimes big things) around their home. But when a homeowner plans to sell their home they rethink the property so that it appeals… Read More
Italian Christmas Cookie
2011-12-20 21:21
Cookies with a simple icing. A festive and simple cookie that will be enjoyed by everyone. It is fun to make and young children might enjoy helping. Italian Christmas Cookies 4 eggs 1 cup s… Read More
Conveying Design Concepts
2011-12-13 15:47
Assisting people with home makeovers requires that ideas be conveyed in a format that helps with visualization. I do that in a few ways: computer imaging, hand-drawn sketches or with photo c… Read More
Old Family Recipe - Nutroll
2011-12-07 16:00
This is a very old family recipe passed down through my family by my slovak great-grandmother.Nut Roll Dough 10 1/2 cups flour 1 1/2  pounds butter 5 eggs 4 1/2 tsp. powde… Read More

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