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Without Precedent
2016-09-20 00:10
I often wonder about my love for The Beatles–why it is so inexplicable and embedded in my DNA and how millions of people, different from me in innumerable ways, feel precisely the… Read More
Let’s Movie
2016-07-18 03:06
Turner Classic Movies’ latest (err…last-year-latest) branding campaign turns what perhaps we typically think of as a passive activity — watching a movie — into a ver… Read More
P.S., Happy Belated Birthday
2016-05-19 01:42
No, dear faithful followers of The Hand of Count Petofi, The Count did not desert you, although The Count probably has had more desserts than necessary these past few months. And where have… Read More
Christmas Essentials
2015-12-24 16:51
Christmas time is here again! I hope you have taken the time to enjoy some of your favorite Christmas traditions. Here are a few of my favorite Christmas things that my Christmas season… Read More
Merry Christmas And Thank You
2015-12-10 00:55
Where has the time gone? There’s only 16 days until Christmas, only three days until Sinatra’s 100th birthday, and yesterday marked 35 years since John Lennon was assassinated. (… Read More
What I Did On My Summer Vacation
2015-09-15 00:51
It’s September! Students are finally returning to school, trying to figure out whether room 206 is on the first or second or maybe even third floor, turning their heads in every direct… Read More
Love & Mercy (Bill Pohlad, 2015)
2015-06-07 14:27
After The Beatles, The Beach Boys were the first band I really loved. I bought records that I couldn’t really play, committed an A&E Biography of Brian Wilson to memory (still look… Read More
My Other Favorite Actor From Omaha
2015-04-03 23:58
In the past two months that I have not updated this blog, I have spent a ridiculous amount of time researching a select group of plays by Tennessee Williams. This has included watching A Str… Read More
The Perfect Film
2015-01-26 02:58
A few months (yes, months–I am a slacker, just like George McFly) ago, I pondered the question of which films I would most like to take with me to a fictional desert island. I composed… Read More

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