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2013-06-14 11:12
If you asked me again, I would say yes.I would want to marry you,settle down,cook for you,have children with you,grow old with you.Forever. Till the end of time.If you asked me again, I woul… Read More
2012-11-21 09:24
I am at a stage in my inconsistent being where I am pushed to express myself through words and more words. So far I have not been delivering myself well, and I have disappointed myself. So m… Read More
2012-11-18 17:49
This is me writing from my phone and in bed. I haven't been posting much (again, as usually). I wonder how many more excuses I will put out before finally admitting to myself that I am just… Read More
2010-10-20 10:57
TheStepster: I don't know why I had not met you when I was in Perth. BAD TIMING SCREWS MY LIFE UP CRY isthatevengrammaticallycorrect?psh.lickmycupcakes: HAHA. I'm sorrrryy! But it's mostly y… Read More
2010-10-18 06:25
And so she typesAnd so she writesAnd so she glidesAnd so she rides She puts her wordsShe sings a songHer brain is upHer brain needs life Push, push the voicePush, push the nagGet out, get ou… Read More
2010-09-17 00:14
Thishousehasnoroomforprivacynorpersonalspace.Fuck you Read More
2010-08-11 13:20
Here she sits, worrying.Here she sits, wondering.Here she sits, trying to breathe. She looks over at her phone. She picks it up. Three texts sent, no reply received."Is there anything I can… Read More

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