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2012-03-04 21:58
So, I moved my blog over to Wordpress. Here! Blogger has 1/3 of the starting space and since my blog is VERY pic heavy, I figured it would be better. Also, I want to start another blog for f… Read More
2012-02-29 16:19
I still need to get around to finishing my Morrigan wings rig, but the idea of busting out the fiberglass again hasn't been thrilling so I've been procrastinating. In the meanwhile, I drew t… Read More
Lemon Curd With Grapefruit
2012-02-13 01:31
So after I finished making Marmalade this morning, I made some lemon curd from my great-grandmother's old recipe. I had enough lemons for a batch and a half, so I threw in a grapefruit too a… Read More
Morrigan Aensland Costume Bodysuit
2012-02-05 20:52
Whoot! I finished the bodysuit for my Morrigan costume. I didn't make a tutorial for it, because a.) it was super hard and I redid many parts until I figured it out, and b.) it is unique to… Read More
Gothic Costume Choker Necklace
2012-02-04 20:22
I decided my Morrigan costume needed an ornate choker. Her original costume has no jewelry, but I am making a souped up version anyways, and I figured if you are a super rich and super power… Read More

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