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Energising Green Apple Spinach Juice
2016-09-30 10:35
The last couple of weeks have been sort of tough on me. Physically. My body feels like it weighs a few tons. I’m in poor state. Stamina is nearly down to zero. My hormones are going ha… Read More
Pear Paneer Pie And A Ginger Crust
2016-09-23 12:39
I am in a bit of a quiet mode these days. A lot of people think I am not myself. But its not true at all. I am feeling calm and its almost like I am living out of my body and looking at myse… Read More
Summer Pea Soup + Turmeric Celeriac Chips
2016-09-13 10:55
If you’ve been visiting my Instagram page you’ll know how much I have enjoyed summer this year. I am told this long Indian (I love how they call it that!) summer is the work of E… Read More
Apricot And Raspberry Tart
2016-08-30 14:24
I have been away from this space for a very long time. Not without reason though. Everyone that follows my journey knows that I have been away to Mumbai. When the opportunity came it was a o… Read More
Masala Pepper Curry
2016-07-19 09:14
I have been in India now more than a month and I seem to have taken to it like fish to water. Having left it so long ago I had forgotten what it was like to really be back. I mean, I come ba… Read More
A Vanilla Cake + Big News
2016-05-27 20:42
Mid week conversations lead to me telling baby girl that I will make a cake for her the coming weekend. I am feeling ambitious and of course I am addicted to her grin and her joy when the ca… Read More

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