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Cultural Hybridity
2012-04-30 15:27
I'm feeling guilty again, dear readers. Sometimes I tell myself, really, life is too short to let yourself be plagued by guilt every so often, but then that is like fighting the tide of life… Read More
The Day Tony & Eric Came For Tea
2012-02-22 21:59
If Anthony "Tony" Bourdain and Eric "The Ripper" Ripert came to tea at my house, I would serve them this sweet, homey little treat. Isn't she a dear? Just the thing you'd expect our gentle f… Read More
Happy Memories To Keep Me Warm
2012-02-09 01:05
I miss going to the local farmers' markets in summer. To me, they are the epitome of community living, where even jaded city folk can feel like they are part of a small-town foodie family. I… Read More
Festering Questions
2011-12-07 21:56
It's freezing outside, and you want nothing more than to snuggle up with a steaming bowl of this soup, crusty bread to soak it all up, and your favorite TV show. Instead you are stuck readin… Read More
Iron Chef-ing In Cleveland
2011-09-17 04:30
I was in Cleveland over the weekend, so jumped on the chance to dine at Iron Chef Michael Symon's bistro Lola, and now I might try to stalk that man. Or at least his pastry chef.Let me elabo… Read More
Preserving My Sanity With Pineapple Jam
2011-08-15 00:15
I am one sick puppy. I know that some of you reading this are fasting - as am I - and yet I throw this image in your face? This crispy, crunchy, ooey, gooey, melty, cheesy, sweet n salty bit… Read More
2011-08-01 23:23
A very happy, blessed Ramadan to my fellow patient and persevering Muslims! (especially the ones in the US and Canada, where we have especially long fasts this year) If it seems weird that I… Read More
2011-07-09 03:54
The next time I hear someone ask me about why I'm not blogging anymore, I'm just going to point. First at the bags under my eyes. Then at my precocious toddler, who most likely will be hangi… Read More
Did Someone Say Spring?
2011-03-23 18:42
If you did, you spoke too soon. Just yesterday I went out to find myself being pelted by wee little hailstones. I haven't seen the sun in days, and today I'm back in sweaters and socks. *Sni… Read More
Payment In Mac N Cheese, Please!
2011-03-05 06:50
I can't tell you how wonderful it felt to see all of my dear blogger buddies leaving such wonderful comments on my last post! Warmed the cockles of my heart, I tell ya. I thank you all so mu… Read More

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