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2012-08-15 15:04
*Pushes away cobwebs* Hello! Is anyone still around? :P I just acquired a copy of Sims 3 (and World Adventures and Ambitions) and realize I have NO IDEA where to even start looking for CC. C… Read More
2012-01-30 01:34
You know what's lame? When, after about a year of not playing, I find the list of mini-challenges on pixel_trade and think "Huh, these look like fun, maybe I'll play some Sims and test it ou… Read More
2011-05-20 05:19
To anyone who might still have this journal friended, hello! I was finally able to get around to checking this page again recently and noticed that some people had left me messages asking if… Read More
2010-11-14 12:25
So yeah, I'm still not in any way alive (D:), but I ran into this and felt the need to share it with other simmers, even though it's probably ancient news by now:… Read More
2010-09-26 03:04
And of course, as soon as I say that I have a lot of free time, the world conspires to say "NO U" and makes me be busy always. BAHHH Read More
2010-09-17 02:29
Alright, so I remember that a while ago, someone was posting some REALLY awesome sims at pixel_trade that were all named after the periodic table of elements. I want to go and check them out… Read More
2010-09-15 13:55
Soooo... is anyone still looking around here, by any chance?I was thinking about playing more Sims today... at the moment I'm doing an exchange in Tokyo, and while the daytime is usually pre… Read More
2010-04-28 17:27
Psssst, can anyone point me towards that hack that gets rid of the red pause lines in the game? I don't trust the IG camera anymore so I'm going to start screencapping instead, and don't wan… Read More
The Scallywag Legacy 6.3
2010-04-28 07:23
Dedicated to Anon who wrote that secret last week. I'm sorry it's not all that great a post, though... :(So my game had a fun glitch that erased all the kids off the lot, meaning I had to bu… Read More
2010-03-12 06:25
Got tagged by steezie_k!First: If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any question that you dislike with a new question.Second: Tag eight people. Don't… Read More

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