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2014-06-21 16:09
They’re continuing the migraine appeal (to take me from 30 to 50%), and contradicted their reasons for not approving me the higher amount. Seriously. In one paragraph, the examiner not… Read More
2014-05-19 07:10
I’m not perfect, and I struggle. In my past, I made some truly horrible decisions, and sometimes today still deal with the consequences of them. I try not to judge, yet find myself doi… Read More
2013-11-20 11:00
5:00 am…I’m supposed to get up at 5:15 to make breakfast for Justin and then the girls, rush them out the door, etc.  At this point, I’ve been awake for 23.5 hours… Read More
2013-03-01 09:48
Having a hard time tonight.  I can smell the dust, hear the rotors.  You can smell blood too when there’s a lot of it.  I’ve been digging through all kinds of shit… Read More
2012-11-25 15:59
So tomorrow is the day.  I’ve been having trouble sleeping the past couple nights, so I doubt I’ll even bother trying tonight.  We have to get up about 2:00 or 2:30 in… Read More
2012-11-22 20:07
All of you who are Christians know the old saying…”If you died tomorrow, would you go to heaven?” Since getting the first news of my cancer returning, I haven’t crie… Read More
2012-11-17 18:03
I’m not exaggerating here when I say that since June, things have been so tight financially around here its not even funny.  We were scraping by, getting the needs met and sometim… Read More
2012-11-12 20:52
I know I haven’t updated the blog…its been too difficult to sit still and focus.  On the one hand, I’ve got so much to get done before surgery…on the other, I… Read More

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