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2010-03-01 06:31
YAY!! A blog sale!! Here are the items I have up for sale... think of this kinda like a garage sale but ONLINE! =)Please ask all the questions you need to before making any transactions!I WI… Read More
2010-02-25 23:49
I'm not exactly sure how to have one of these things... but there's LOTS of stuff I wanna get rid of that you guys might want! =) Sooo... I'm gonna be updating this within the next few days… Read More
Been Gone For A While...
2009-10-26 01:16
Well i havent written for a loooong time so i figured i'd update. I just got back from visiting home and saw my sisters new baby Kirra! she is the most adorable thing in the whole world, whe… Read More
2009-09-29 03:45
Ok sooo my sister lea and brother in law jeff had their first baby KIRRA yesterday! she is the cutest baby i have ever seen in my entire life and i just wanna hug her forever! =) CONGRATS GU… Read More
2009-07-23 17:06
HOLY CRAP... that was the worst internet-less week ever! I finally got internet in my house so I'm back! Nothing is too new anyway... lol, i've been chillin at the pool with the Hub getting… Read More
2009-07-09 15:41
Ok so my computer has been down the last couple days. BLAH! I decided to wipe out the whole thing and im starting from scratch so... HOW FRUSTRATING! thank goodness i saved all the pictures… Read More
2009-07-07 15:40
Ok guys... first off... this is a blog for my youtube so go visit it... Rate. Subscribe. Whatever you want.Greatly appreciated.Now to the real st… Read More

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