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Childhood And Sister Sledge
2011-04-14 02:00
"tired of movies all by myself, I'm sure you folks know what I mean..."Before moving to the chaotic city of Caracas, where I've been living for the past 11 years, I'd always stay at my grand… Read More
2011-04-04 20:20
Finally after a long but deserving wait, I had the pleasure of watching the new biopic based on the life and times of France's ultimate bad boy, Serge Gainsbourg. For curious and fans alike… Read More
Introducing My (dusty) Record Collection
2011-04-04 20:18
Before my love for cassettes, CD's and mp3's, there is my love for vinil. There's something special about them, about the way the needle is set in the first track, the hiss and dust creating… Read More
Where Did All The Funky Divas Go?
2011-04-04 18:18
If the 1980's has taught us something is that bad taste dreadfully ruled during that entire 10-year span, in both music and fashion. Nonetheless, there were some rare exceptions where the ma… Read More
Le Freak, C'est CHIC
2011-04-04 02:53
Did i tell you guys already that disco will never ever ever die? Well if i have, than this is another testament of it. The greatest disco band of all time, CHIC, is coming alive once more wi… Read More
How I Learned To Love Blondie's Debut
2011-04-04 01:31
Many people I know tend to recognize Blondie from their most popular work, from 1978 onwards ("Heart Of Glass", "Call Me", "The Tide is High" and 1999's "Maria"). That's ok, but still a bit… Read More
Nothin' But A Teengirl Fantasy
2011-04-04 01:30
Nick Weiss and Logan Takahashi seem to be two young americans who are just about to graduate and have a profound love for music. In reality, however, these are geniuses whose dark imaginatio… Read More
The Return Of Cool
2011-04-04 01:30
I have been a fan of Roxy Music from not too long ago. Always acknowledged them but never really took them seriously until I found the "Best of Roxy Music" compilation and then I was hooked… Read More
2011-04-04 01:29
Last night I had the pleasure to enjoy a documentary on Patti Smith called "Dream of Life". God bless Patti Smith, really. I've written her off for so many years, mainly because she didn't s… Read More

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