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2016-10-24 14:51
Nightshades, something that sounds like it should be found in a home decor store, but in reality it is a category of food that is often a staple of everyday cooking. It certainly was of mine… Read More
2016-10-17 19:06
Dairy, it includes all things good in the world, like ice cream. But it is also unfortunately incredibly allergenic among other issues. So what are individuals with autoimmune disease and Mu… Read More
2016-10-10 14:56
Gluten has certainly got itself quite the negative reputation lately hasn’t it. Everyone seems to be trying to avoid it these days, and probably for good reason. Gluten can definitely… Read More
2016-10-03 19:03
Tysabri, also known as Natalizumab, is a once a month infusion for MS. It works differently than other MS meds by blocking white blood cells from entering the brain and spinal cord of indivi… Read More
2016-09-26 21:04
Stress. That pesky five letter word that everyone in counters at various points of their life and if they say they don’t they’re probably lying. Stress can manifest itself in num… Read More
2016-09-12 14:18
I’ve gotten this question several times recently so I figured I would bring it to MS Monday and answer it here. What are the best things to be eating for MS? Depending on who we ask… Read More
2016-09-05 07:39
Having adequate supports in place while dealing with MS is incredibly important. However, what ‘proper support’ looks like for each individual may be different. Some people requi… Read More
2016-08-29 14:33
In terms of healthcare and medicine, oral medications for MS are still considered to be in their infancy. Coming onto the market just five years ago, oral medications for MS were saviors for… Read More
2016-08-22 20:59
Getting shots at the doctors sucks. Getting shots on a regular basis sucks even more. Having to give yourself shots on a weekly or daily basis sucks the most. Having an MS medication that r… Read More
2016-08-15 13:44
After you’ve gone over all of the blood work, the lumbar puncture results. You’ve looked at all the black-and-white images of your brain, and may or may not have r… Read More

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