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The Monorail trolley invention discloses a highly stable trolley that can transport workpieces through a manufacturing plant at work height even if the workpieces are much wider than the trolley or unevenly loaded on the trolley. In a preferred embodiment, the trolley has an inverted U shape that fits upon, partially surrounds, and slides along the top of a supporting beam. The beam, in turn, is supported from below by mounting it to the floor or any other suitable structure. The beam is preferably either an I-beam with upper and lower protruding flanges. On one of its sides, the X348 trolley has at least one travel wheel which rides on the upper surface of the lower flange of the beam and an opposite roller which is positioned at or in close proximity to the lower surface of the upper flange of the beam. The travel wheel and opposite roller acting in conjunction prevent the trolley from tilting in a direction longitudinal and parallel to the beam. In a preferred embodiment, there are two X458 travel wheels which cooperate with one another by gears. The opposite roller may optionally roll along and contact the lower surface of the upper flange of the beam. On the opposite side of the trolley, there are elements for receiving electrical power and control signals which are transmitted along the beam through an electrical conduit that is mounted along the web of the X678 beam. The trolley preferably also has guide rollers which roll along or rivetless chain are in close proximity to the side surfaces of the upper and lower flanges of the beam. Preferably, the trolley has four pairs of such guide rollers that are positioned at the front and rear of the trolley and at the top and bottom of the trolley so that they engage the upper and lower flanges of the beam. The guide rollers ensure that the trolley travels securely along the beam to eliminate the possibility that the trolley will tilt in a direction perpendicular to the beam, even if the trolley is loaded unevenly such as when the center of gravity of the load being transported by the trolley is not centered precisely above the beam. In such an uneven loading situation, the load need only be clamped to the caterpillar drive chain trolley by a means such as a screw clamp. The beam is preferably turn roller supported from below by a groove block or a nut and bolt combination which fits into at least one insertion groove in the bottom of the lower flange of the beam. The insertion groove may also be used to fasten target markings used in the control of the trolley. The trolley preferably has support plates on its vertical sides where a trolley conveyor gear drive motor or a box containing control electronics may be mounted, preferably on either side of the trolley. The gear drive motor and control box are electrically connected to one another using electric lines which pass through and are physically protected by C-shaped or U-shaped transverse beams which partially form the structure of the trolley. The overhead trolley ley support plates onto which the gear drive motor and control box are mounted are preferably detachably fastened, such as by bolts, to the trolley frame to enable the trolley to be easily mounted on to or dismounted from the beam. Another advantage of the present invention is that the trolley can be Overhead conveyor connected in series to other trolleys and yet still be able to travel over vertical and horizontal curves in the beam. This freedom of movement is accomplished by using a turntable that is rotatably mounted in the top surface of the trolley. A pin is used to rotatably connect a cross member to the turntable. The cross member connects one trolley in series to another. The LV turntable assemblies on successive trolleys permit the trolleys to travel along horizontal curves of the beam without significant difficulty, while the pin connections similarly enable the trolleys to Louis Vuitton easily negotiate vertical curves in the beam. As a result, the trolleys can be used with curved beams to transport workpieces to different locations on the same floor in a manufacturing plant, to different floors, or at different heights on the same floor to avoid other manufacturing cheapest wow gold activities.  
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