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2006-03-05 06:51
i love you!i still and always will love you, you know..but it's not thesame anymore.memories of us keep running through my head. the unforgettable feeling of you and me are always on my soul… Read More
2006-01-30 06:42
Tragedy abounds in this love affair.a sweet escape from despair towards the hope of passionwhere a promiseof heaven flourish.the young angel soar yonder mountains and beautiful nature.comely… Read More
2006-01-27 13:00
dearest... once you were the star on my night sky once you were my sun, so bright up high. someone who seemed so right.we were in a cloudy heaven as i looked upon you, my… Read More
2006-01-26 06:58
do you know what it is like to be lost in something that you thought you had control over?to be lost in a big forest of blackness with someone you thought who could lead you to the right pat… Read More
2006-01-25 06:19
Isn't it funny how some people say things yet when it comes to doing what they said, it becomes different. when it comes to being true to what you say, some people are just superficial… Read More

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