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2011-08-22 21:04
So school is back and for some reason I was afraid I would melt together with the wall due to fitting in on Midgård. Luckily that isn't the case, sure there seems to be a lot of weird… Read More
2011-05-19 12:42
When I die I want to be a tree, and damn the person who doesn't water me and let's me die again! - Läs hela inlägget här Read More
2011-05-15 21:39
So my future, what will it be? I find myself having a hard time imagining myself actually working with something. Either I would be bored or well as Moa said ask myself what the hell I'm doi… Read More
2011-02-09 22:05
If a person dies and then springs back to life, do they get their money back for the coffin?They should! Or they could just keep it...Why do people think that swaying their arm back and fort… Read More
2011-01-26 20:22
I was thinking about the TOK earlier today. About what defines a human being. And after giving it some thought I felt that what makes us human is not our tendency to classify things in right… Read More
2011-01-25 21:48
We have finally started playing! Let me present on drums... FRANZI! On guitar... ÅSA! As vocalist and basis... Maria … >_Läs hela inlägget här Read More
2011-01-18 21:35
I'm kinda looking forward to CAS time nowadays cause you soon came to the understanding that it is the time when you can do whatever you want (almost) and no one will care. The past few time… Read More

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