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2011-02-22 03:07
Well, it seems like I've moved on from here. It was time for something new anyway, to commemorate the new year and where my life is at now. If you'd like to see what I'm up to, please visit:… Read More
2010-12-04 13:17
Disclaimer: I've been in the process of writing this post for about a month so it's all over the place, I guess it comes with being a new mum. Or I'm just really disorganised. Oh well, onwar… Read More
One Year Anniversary
2010-10-20 03:39
Hubby and I celebrated our one year anniversary a few weeks ago (March 14). We spent the weekend down the coast where we were married on the beach, stood on the same spot we took our vows at… Read More
2010-10-19 11:13
My sister gave me a Diana Mini as a belated baby shower gift. I finally got the first roll of film developed and was so excited to see how they turned out! They came out better than expected… Read More
Introducing Nova
2010-09-15 05:50
I'm listening to the rain outside and our little girl breathing lightly as she sleeps. It is music to my ears. I think it's about time I introduce you to her:November RainWednesday 7 July 20… Read More
2010-09-15 03:51
I have become a mother. I went through the most physically painful and mentally hardest task I have ever gone through in my life (that being labour), and it was completely and overwhelmingly… Read More
2010-09-15 03:34
Hey all, I've been away for quite a while and a lot has happened! Hubby and I finally moved out of my parents garage and into our home. I'm having my baby shower in a few days, the baby is d… Read More
2010-09-15 03:29
It's been a fun, creative, trying-to-be-patient sort of month so far. Feels like life has started to get busier again very quickly, and I know in the next months to come it will only increas… Read More
2010-09-15 03:26
Still getting over a chest infection, but have started collecting ideas for my baby shower! I won't be having it till June so I'm just gathering inspiration for how I'd like to decorate. The… Read More
2010-09-15 03:04
I've been sick with a chest infection/flu for the last week. It seems like it's hit me a lot harder than past years now that I'm pregnant, my lungs felt bruised every time I coughed! Not fun… Read More

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