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2010-10-30 23:31
TOMORROW IS HALLOWEEN!This is How I'm spending it :1. Dressing as Lydia from Beetlejuice (I thought it was spelled Beetlegeuse??)2. Running around in the green belt with matt and emily3. she… Read More
Qui Qu'a Vu Coco
2010-09-26 21:20
maybe I just speak in lists.....1. last night you said I was perfect. thank you thank you thank you.2. I think I'm in love. I think this is what love is.3. "what does love feel like? tell me… Read More
Boo Hoo
2010-09-21 03:07
soooo fucking done with you and all your pretentious shit Read More
Dear Kanye
2010-09-17 03:44
Dear Kanye West,        I don't care if you're an asshole. I love you. you're an incredible rapper, and your lyrics make my jaw drop, and when I… Read More
I Haven't Seen You For A Day
2010-09-13 03:35
so here's whats happened since last we talked1. I was taken off strattera because my depression got worse and worse, and strattera can cause deppression2. since I've been off it I've noticed… Read More
God Fucking Dammit.
2010-09-05 07:48
I  don't know what I want anymore.I'm so fed up with my brain right now.fuck you brain. fuck you Read More
Major Laser
2010-08-28 07:04
lists, thats the only way I can communicate on here anymore.... lo siento:1. I definitely like Mattie again. maybe even.... like like? I literally. can't. stop. thinking. about him. 2… Read More
Bad To Be Back.
2010-08-10 19:51
soooo, first day of school, I'm in my off-period right now, unbelievably bored and overwhelmed.and so far? school sucks, I have lunch with absolutely no one (which I'm trying to change) and… Read More
Same Old Drag
2010-08-09 01:41
Dear Mattie,       I know we went out a while ago, for less than a month, and that I broke up with you.But I cannot help but feel like maybe that breakup was a mistake. I… Read More
What Comes Up
2010-08-06 22:05
I need to list again. lists keep me sane. sort of.1. I broke a very serious promise to myself last night, and I'm ashamed I did2. But I won't do it again, I promise3. I need to Paint. Desper… Read More

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